Leaking strut is covered by 1-year warranty.
       For extended warranty service to 2 years with extra cost, please contact our sole agent/dealers.
Street Advanced

This is the most popular and functional product, which is developed for years by XYZ professional team.

After tested in famous worldwide races, it reaches the ultimate quality and performance.

Street Advance is made especially for normal road use or track day. It comes with 720 damping adjusting way to satisfy your request. It is indispensable equipment for drivers aspiring speed and controlling.

The most popular for all types of suspension in the world.
Mono tube design.
Full ride height adjustable.
External nitrogen reservoirs.
One year limited warranty; send back for repair.
With 2 adjustment knob: to adjust the dampening force of
rebound and compression separately is available.
 All applications listed on our website are for 2WD model
unless we specify 4WD.
Aluminum Top Mount (A6061)
Each application comes with pillow ball upper mounts on McPherson suspension, which enables you to experience excellent handling. This cannot compare to the OE one. About 98% pillow ball top mount on McPherson strut has camber adjustability.
Mono-tube Design
Mono-tube design is adopted for this suspension system as it can retain stable damping and have varieties of response to the road conditions. It extends the of oil for the piston diameter of 45mm. The shock body 45mm steel (STKMI3C) though precise process to get the highest performance and quality.
720 Way Damping Settings
With the external nitrogen reservoirs, to adjust the dampening force of rebound and compression separately is available. 720 ways of different adjustments can meet all customers' needs and win the 1st place in every race.
Coil Spring
The spring use SAE9254 materials for spring to avoid changing shape. The setup of spring rate will be perfect due to test thru XYZ racing team all around the world.
Bump Stop
This is making up of high density of polyurethane (PU). This can absorbed the strong impact force and protect the strut. This is different from rubber, the force bearing and bottom impacting is better.
Plug-in Nitrogen Reservoir
The anodized surface treats by lightweight aluminum (A6061), and then produce in second CNC process. This not a cylinders only, also have circulation and heat dissipation to prevent temperature rise.
Double Damping Piston
Main piston is in the strut inside for adsorbing the reaction force from spring, and the other one is in the plug-in nitrogen bottle for assist the impact on the spring.

This style of suspension kits is specifically designed for maximum performance so each application is equipped with pillow ball upper mounts on McPherson suspension which are able to increase vehicle stability and enable you to experience excellent handling. Most pillow ball top mount on McPherson struts has camber adjustability.

The pillowball top mount is able to adjust camber degree and increase stability and handling of your vehicle by 10%. However, the pillowball might be prone to creating slight amount of noise over big bumps, and this does not cover any warranty.
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