Leaking strut is covered by 1-year warranty.
       For extended warranty service to 2 years with extra cost, please contact our sole agent/dealers.
Drift Spec

This suspension is designed for Drift race especially. With its special design, it helps the racers stabilize the vehicle body while in high speed turning in order to make a perfect angle. It can also enhance drifting performance. After lowing the ride height with proper bump stroke, you will realize how we made the drift controlling to the excellent condition.

Top damper for drifting
Mono inverted tube design (McPherson strut)
Shock body 55mm for McPherson type
Full ride height adjustable
30 different ways of dampening settings
Both front and rear top mounts are camber adjustable in order
to increase it's handling
One year limited warranty; replace defective struts
Do not recommend in road use
 All applications listed on our website are for 2WD model
unless we specify 4WD
Aluminum-made Top Mount (A6061)
Each kit comes with pillowball top mount on both front and rear, which enables you to experience excellent handling ever. This is can not compare with rubber top mount. All the pillowball top mounts in McPherson strut with camber adjustable.
Mono And Inverted Tube Design
All of McPherson suspension adopted in mono and inverted tube design. It keeps damping stability on the uneven road. With shock body 55mm, it can bear the sideway aggressive strong movement.
Fully-adjustable Lower Mount
With movable design, both ride height and preload can be adjusted by adjusting the lower mount.
McPherson lower mount

The iron material (SPHC-C) increases the strengths. Avoid the unusual displacement caused by a span of driving after wheel alignment and improving the lower mount deformation resulted from turning pressure.

Wishbone lower mount

Because there is no turning pressure, aluminum material (A6061) is adopted for wishbone lower mount, having ability to reduce weight and dissipate heat effectively.
Damping Adjustable
Drift type damper has 30 different way of damping settings enables our products to bring the best performance for different road conditions such as street, expressway, winding road…etc. The shock uses needle valve to have linear damping adjustment at each level.
All thread parts are coated with Fluorine to prevent corrosion or adherence. The lower mount is made with forged or anodized. All the products made with steel are go through rigid test system.
Coil Spring
Each application comes with pillow ball top mount which can enables you to experience the driving feel directly. Drift damper is equipped with the springs that have the most perfect spring rates. In addition, the rear shock comes with helper spring on some certain applications.
Hard Rubber
Made with steel (1008A), and forged with high-pressure. With it's hardness, it can prevent loose problems when turning McPherson lower mount.
Spring Washer
The piece put between the spring and the locking ring is Iron washer, it can eliminate strange noises efficiency and allow a vehicle to move more smoothly when turning.

The pillowball top mount is able to adjust camber degree and increase stability and handling of your vehicle by 10%. However, the pillowball might be prone to creating slight amount of noise over big bumps, and this does not cover any warranty.
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