Does XYZ brake kit have any warranty?

XYZ caliper has one year limited warranty.

What’s the difference between Sport pads and race pads?

Material, friction, brake force and working temperature are different.

Is your caliper CNC machined or cast? Do they work with ABS?

Our caliper is forged with finest aluminum material, than we CNC machine bolt holes precisely. They can work with ABS.

If my brake pads are worn out, can I use other brands to fit on your brake system kit?

Yes, you can purchase the brake pads from the following well-know brands like AP, FERODO, EBC, HAWK … etc to fit on our big brake kit.

If I want to install XYZ big brake kit, is any modification on my car required?

With our design, you can just install XYZ big brake kit on your car without any modifications. However, in some rare occasions, the modifications are required to fit our big brake kit.

What direction do the rotors go on the vehicle?

The right picture shows you what direction the rotors go on the vehicle.

I am afraid XYZ 6 pot caliper can not fit on my vehicle?

The specification of XYZ 6 pot caliper is same as that of AP 4 pot caliper. But its width is slimmer than width of AP 4 pot caliper, the edge of our caliper does not touch the rim as far as possible.

What pads do fit in XYZ front and rear calipers

Does XYZ brake kit can fit stock wheel?

Whether XYZ brake kit fits a stock wheel depends on applications. But our 330mm rotor requires a minimum 17” wheel size, and our 355mm requires a minimum 18” wheel size.

When do I change the brake rotors?

Check regularly for any cracks, deformation or warping and if so, relace it immediately. Rotors should be replace if any faults are discovered or if the rotor has worn below the minimum thickness of 1.0mm.

How to choose correct rotor size for your car?

In case your rim is for 18 inch, it’s a wrong decision if the rotor size you choose for front brake kit is 355mm, and rear brake kit for 330mm. In our brake design, you are supposed to choose the same rotor size for front and rear brake kit, it’s because we have settle on the ratio for front and rear brake pads.

If you choose bigger rotor size in front brake kit but with smaller rotor size for rear, such as Front: 355mm/Rear: 330mm, consequently, the brake will be out of balance easily, and it will be dangerous if you brake suddenly.

If short, if the rim you have is 18 inch, then you must choose Front and Rear 355mm brake kit, and please don’t really think that smaller rotor size isn’t likely to touch the rim. It’s certainly a wrong decision as it’s easier to interfere with the wheel and more dangerous. Please see drawing 1 and 2.

How to release the redundant brake oil from the caliper bleed nipples?
Note: Please be sure the air in the brake fluid of caliper should absolutely exhaused then to fix the bleed nipples FIRST before doing the step as below.
Please follow the instruction
back and forth three times
at least to make sure there is
no more brakeoils coming out
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