Leaking caliper with dust cover is covered by 5-year warranty.
       For extended warranty service to 7 years (caliper with dust cover), please contact our sole agent/dealers.


 Caliper size: 286-380mm for front brake and 330-356mm for rear brake.
 This caliper is designed to be hollow body caliper. It features for lighter weight, stronger construction and it’s not easy deformation.
 The standard design without dust cover comes with high-temperature resistant. There is no concern regarding the melting dust covers.
 The piston is made from 2 different metals. This effectively isolates the heat conduction from disc to piston seal.
 We use special materials and heat processing for the connection between brake pad and piston. It can be used at temperature up to 1000℃ without being deformed.
 This caliper is suitable for professional racing or track days.
 We provide custom painting service for any color as desired. However, we do not suggest to use anodizing colors.
 This product is covered with 2-year warranty of oil leak and 10-year warranty for the appearance.
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