Leaking caliper with dust cover is covered by 5-year warranty.
       For extended warranty service to 7 years (caliper with dust cover), please contact our sole agent/dealers.



Polished Forged center bell:

 The latest hollow design has its peculiar beauty in different level. Hollow center bell is able to inhale cool air from outside into disc air through.

 We provide Polish forged silver, gold, and titanium caliper. With special polished treatment, it can enhance the value of center bell and its outstanding quality. It looks uniformity when match it with polished forged caliper.

Titanium Screw:

 The key feature of titanium screw is high density, lower heat conduction, strong heat resistant, antirust, strength, and lightweight. It is the best option with extra charge to makes the polish forged caliper as an art to extreme.
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