Leaking caliper with dust cover is covered by 5-year warranty.
       For extended warranty service to 7 years (caliper with dust cover), please contact our sole agent/dealers.
For your option, all the rear brake in 330 and 356mm is available for upgrading to dual fuel caliper with extra charge USD500 per set.

The caliper set should be used with individual fuel handbraking cylinder.


Each caliper has two individual fuels, each of them control four brake pads. One of the fuel is used for pedal brake fuel, the other fuel is for handbraking cylinder.


We use polished titanium technology of handbrake cylinder and fuel on the lever for this caliper set. Not only increase the appearance and touches, but also control driving movement.


The biggest feature for this caliper set is to let the racer accurately action for drifting action with pedal brake and handbrake at the same time. Let difficult drifting and rally competition become easy to manipulate and perfectly.


This caliper set comes with race brake pad.

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