Leaking caliper with dust cover is covered by 5-year warranty.
       For extended warranty service to 7 years (caliper with dust cover), please contact our sole agent/dealers.
R 330-355MM-4POT
This dual-function caliper is a prominent invention from our company after two years of research, development, and test. We have applied for the world patent for it. Patent of invention, all rights reserved. After upgrading big brake systems, for certain car models, the original parking function will become unavailable. With our bolt-on parking brake caliper, you can retain the original parking function without modifying any car parts. For example, HONDA, AUDI, VW, FORD, MAZDA.
Complete brake kit content
Two-piece type 330X32, 355X32 drilled disc x2 pieces
Lightweight aluminum center bell x2 pieces
Aluminum 4 POT caliper (Painted red, painted yellow, painted gold, painted black, anodized black or any other painted colors) x2 pieces
Metal brake line x2 pieces
High performance brake pad x4 pieces/ 1set   (Sport and Race brake pad are available as well)
Package for tools x1 set
The thickness of the disc is 32 mm
The design of bigger vents provides a better function of heat dissipation.
The surface of the aluminum centerbell is anodized. It will provide a better durability.
The design of a two-piece disc can effectively reduce the weight of the brake system.
Aluminum 4 POT caliper (Standard color: painted red, painted yellow, painted gold, painted black,
anodized black or any other painted colors by customization)
High stiffness brake bracket with high ductility bolts
Stainless steel Teflon brake lines
GG level high performance brake pads (Sport and Race brake pad are available as well)
It fits the OE cable brackets and levers.
For the design of this product, the brake force will not be exactly as same as the original brake
system when pulling the handbrake. Because the design of the handbrake is combined with

 The discs from XYZ are the best choice of high performance car models. Ventilated ribs with large diameter can smoothly lead in a great amount of airflow from inside to outside. It will make a better function of heat dissipation. The design of drilled discs can prevent the accumulation of dust and it will fit the characteristics of the brake pads better. The thickness, 26/28 mm, of the discs can provide a better structural strength.

 We offer standard drilled disc and slotted disc for customer’s option. If you have any preferred slotted disc style, we provide customized service with extra cost (the minimum order quantity is only one set).

XYZ's floating discs are available for 330mm, 355mm, 380mm, 400mm, 420mm. XYZ provides floating discs for 380mm, 400mm and 420mm brake systems. No extra fee required.
The center bells are made of aluminum. They are equipped with the characteristics of lightweight, good heat dissipation and high structural strength. The surface is processed with anodization. It makes the center bells harder, increases the durability of weathering, the duration of usage and beautifies the appearances.
High performance aluminum 4 POT calipers. Pure mechanical principles. The parking function comes from the floated mechanical design, clipping from both sides. No need to use hydraulic loops. There will not be the problems with the drags between handbrake lever and pedal, and not the problems with the loose of oil pressure. It is not necessary to use two calipers on one side; it is equipped with two functions for one caliper simultaneously. It can not only reduce weight of the brake system and it can beautify the whole appearance. This caliper is equipped with the bracket and lever that fit the components on OE handbrake. Only need to have slight modification and you can have the handbrake parking function directly. This caliper is only for parking function, not suitable for drifting.

The standard colors are
Painted red, painted yellow, painted gold, painted black and anodized black. You can choose any other painted color to fit your car.

After XYZ tests several kind of different brake pads from racing competitions, the brake pads that XYZ chooses are equipped with high performances.

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