Leaking caliper with dust cover is covered by 5-year warranty.
       For extended warranty service to 7 years (caliper with dust cover), please contact our sole agent/dealers.

This is our latest product which specially design for high-end sedan with EPB system. Without modifying any parts, you can remain OE EPB function for powerful braking and OE EPB convenience system. Patent invention for EPB caliper.


The parking function comes from the floated mechanical design, clipping from both sides. No need to use hydraulic fuel. There will not be the problems with the drags between handbrake lever and pedal, and not the problems with the loose of oil pressure. It is not necessary to use two calipers on one side; it is equipped with two functions for one caliper simultaneously. It can not only reduce weight of the brake system but also beautify the whole appearance.

Designed by ARTWARE
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